The First “Pure Botanic” Straws
in Taiwan

A great green solution provided for you


Our Vision and Missions

Playing inside with the value of sustainability. Beginning with the Lepironia straws, we have been devoting ourselves to developing and researching the possibility of botanic products and solutions. Our goal is to replace “disposable plastic usage” as much as possible.

We are really enthusiastic to respond SDGs, especially on the 12th (Responsible Consumption and Production), the 13th (Climate Action) and the 14th (Conserve and sustainably use the oceans, seas and marine resources for sustainable development).


The whole consuming/providing chain, from lands, farmers, manufacturing, to selling, using and discards, are deeply concerned in our projects. We believe in the mutuality and benevolent cycle of social business and natural environment.


This is our vision. And we are totally convinced we can achieve it alongside CSR partners with the same expectation.


The Only Simple-Cut Pure Botanic Straws in Taiwan.

No Heavy Metal Contamination

Expiration: 2 years

No Pesticide Residues

3 to 6 Months

No Chemical Additives

Acceptable from -20°C to 100°C


The Purest & Cleanest Process

The Most Easy Way to Have it:













Where do you get it?

Currently we contracted in advance with the farmers in Vietnam and Taiwan.

What is the gradients?

Lepironia grass. 100% botanic materials. We don’t do any additional coating or chemical modification. We make it with only physic process.

How long will it be expired?

Officially, 2 year at least. A dry storage is recommended.

Can I use it to poke into the membrane ?

Yes, easily. We provide both blunt end and bevel end.

Can I drink bubble tea with it?

Due to the nature of the plants, and we don’t do genetic modification, we have been providing only thin straws. So you cannot yet.

How to discard them after using?

You can just throw them away anywhere in the nature LITERALLY. Because they are really as organic as dried leaves in ecosystem. And, of course, you can also put them aside with general food wastes or normally throw them into a trashcan for universal recycle.

Can I use it repeatedly?

Well, it is not recommended. But instead, it is really up to you. The straws can be used commonly in 2 to 3 times without leaking or broken (they are aquatic, remember?). However, hygienic speaking, you can really use and discard them conveniently.

Can I chaw?

Before you use it in the water, it would be a bit dry, and which means it could be a bit hard and fragile. We think that is not proper to press too hard on it. (Well… even if you use a plastic one with pressing which too hard, it will also be broken.) Do not eat it! Seriously, as we know, it cannot replenish cellulose for you.)

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