The Story

“Wonder Greener” is a socially innovative startup aggressively working on plastic reduction. Additionally, we are the only one social enterprise addressing this issue with thorough natural Grasstraws in Taiwan. From 2018 on, we have been trying so hard in farms around Taiwan and Southeast Asia, to find solutions and optimize the manufacturing process. We are also trying to build up a new provide-demand structure to create the sustainable value cycle by “environmental solutions”, “local revitalization” and “daily-life consumption” with botanic Grasstraws.


We are growing lepironia, and simply turning which into commercial disposable Grasstraws, in order to substitute plastic ones. With the acceptable transfer cost, convenience of usage, and multiple environmental benefits, we are literally initiating a revolution of dismissing plastic straws. We also believe that, “the more disposable Grasstraws we use, the more benefits we contribute to the earth, and the more economical value returned to local farmers.” And that is also a way for us to enhance ESG performance.

Our team consists of serial entrepreneurs, experienced business managers, biologic and environmental experts. We are all experienced in relative domains; therefore, we confidently devote ourselves to these pure and green solutions to social problems, to achieve the goals of SDGs.


In Oct. 2020, we build up this social enterprise in the belief “little Grasstraws trigger a sustainable value cycle.” Although we are so young, we already have several potential clients, mentors and partners currently in Taiwan, China, Canada, and London. We are convinced to make the value of green business with social impact globally.


Wonder Greener is still a little enterprise. Yet we promise, we will remain going green, going social, and going to the place we all live our organic life. We will go big, with you together.