Product Features

The Charming Secrets of Botanic Grasstraws


No Heavy Metal and Pesticide Contamination

Grasstraws are very special. They are GROWN up, rather than production by machines with plastic row materials. Our agricultural plans make sure the farms are all protected from pollution. The products are responsibly tested and affirmed by international testing companies, like SGS. We work hard on the safety and quality to have you enjoy your meals and beverages without burdens.

No Additional Chemical Coating or Additives.
Just Natural.

We let the plants have their own shapes, colors and specifications. We do not do chemical coating, pigments, or enhancer mixtures. It is both about your health and the earth’s health after you using the Grasstraws. Everything is just how and what it is.


Temperature Recommended:
-20°C to 100°C

It is SO general. Like any other plastic straws, you can use them in various beverages with different conditions, to enjoy their primary function: “Having beverages into mouth nicely and easily.”

Expiration: 2 Years.

It is normal that a natural stuff collapses or digests in time. But, with proper dehydration, the botanic structure owns its strength against the year-by-year damage. Officially we recommend basic 2-year storage duration. But if you put them in dry, cool and ventilate spaces, the storage duration can be extended.


Naturally Decomposed in 3 to 6 months.

After used, the Grasstraws are easily decomposed when laid naturally on a wild space, or put with food wasted or soil. It is a natural way to let the botanic materials go back to the place where we borrow them. It is NOT the same as so-called biodegradable materials that if you want to decompose them, a very impossible method in common will be required. The Grasstraws are totally, originally, NATURALLY degradable.