Simple but Safe Process




Lepironia grass grows on hydrophilic area. It is a kind of perennial plants. It takes almost 1 year to harvest, and make enough length.

Gathering & Cleaning

After collecting the grass, we are going to make a quick shower for them. Here we have some patented methods and devices with very special tools for penetrating the grass inside and outside. And that makes you NOT feel stuck when using the straw.


Cutting & Sanitization

We cut every of them into about 20-22 cm generally. And a high-powered UV system is applied, instead of chemical detergents or disinfectors.

Dehydration, Package & Usage

Now, basically you can use it directly. However, for lengthening the storage duration, we carefully dehydrated  Grasstraws with several driers until the moisture reaches the standard of use-for-food straws, and can be tested legally and officially in Taiwan. After effective dehydration, the Grasstraws can be safely stored for at least 2 years.


On the Earth (After Use)

After using, you can throw them to the food wastes, or in a park, a garden or a common trashcan. The nature itself will degrade them easily and organically.

Decomposing Easily

You can take Grasstraws as dried leaves. To decompose leaves in a park or a garden is too natural to explain more.


Back to the Nature

According to our experiments, they can be decomposed and degraded in 3 to 6 months. Just like your parents have you clean the leaves out in fall, and weeks after, they are just gone! Amazing, isn’t it?