2021 5th Design For Taiwan 「好好」Session - 洪誠孝 Stanley

Both Convenient& eco-friendly! See how the Wonder-greener play with plants, grow straws in farmlands, and create a new better option to replace traditional plastic-made straws.

Markets are filled with different kinds of so-called eco-friendly straws. But are they really what they claim to be? How about the straws that’s been grown out of farmlands? Currently the only one of a kind eco-friendly straw that is not only convenient to use but also environmental friendly, is the one created by Wonder-Greener, the Rush Grass Straw. The Rush straw is grown in both Taiwan and Vietnam as straw ingredients. The rush grass serves more than just eco-friendly purpose. It also promotes regional revitalization, boosts agriculture, and turns seeming useless grass and uncultivated lands into a product contributing to plastic reduction. Let’s hear Stanley from Wonder-Greener share his experience in the past three years, struggling from searching for the best ingredient, testing, breeding to manufacturing. Stanley and his team found the easiest way to produce rush grass straws but smartly preserve the tenacity nature of it. Now, we no longer need to put up with the paper straw that becomes mushy when soaked in drinks for too long. Instead, we use disposable rush grass straws. They are tenacious, convenient and have lower harm to our mother nature. On the path of promoting social innovation, we aim to make it easier for people to be eco-friendly in a low-cost way, hope that more and more food and beverage brands and stores can join us on this path, and live the plastic reduction life together!

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